Speak Up

Do you avoid conflict at all costs? Do you sit silent instead of sharing what is truly on your mind? Are you afraid of speaking up due to fear of harming a relationship?

Too many young adults shy away from difficult conversations. The conversations with possible tension between you and another person. The conversations where deep down you feel the need to speak up, but often sit on the sideline.

In this book, Jared Peters walks you through a 5-step framework to help you navigate the difficult conversations in your life. Speak Up helps you:

  • Engage in difficult conversation
  • Address conflict that scares you
  • Earn respect and stand out from your peers

This book helps young adults communicate effectively with a boss, coach, professor, or friend. Speak Up outlines practical steps to help you share what is on your mind without hurting a relationship.

You don’t need to hide when faced with a scary conversation. You don’t have to feel overlooked or disrespected. One conversation can relieve hours of stress while also saving your company thousands of dollars. One quick discussion can lead to better team culture and performance.

Don’t sit silent any longer. Open Speak Up to conquer the difficult conversations in your life.

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