I’m Jared Peters.

I’m passionate about helping young adults conquer the difficult conversations in their lives.

As a natural conflict avoider, I developed a framework to overcome my fear of conflict.

I used to sit silent and let others walk all over me in an effort to protect the relationship. Through my time with one of the largest banks in the US and experience as an NCAA Division I athlete, I began to speak up. I talked to my coach about my injuries and received a modified training plan. I told my boss that I was feeling burnt out and was allowed to leave work early. I went on dates and felt like myself instead of a polished version of myself. I learned the value of handling difficult conversations effectively.

I wrote Speak Up: A Young Adult’s Guide to Engage in Difficult Conversation, Address Conflict, and Earn Respect to give you the same sense of confidence and respect. You can learn more or buy a copy on the Speak Up page on the website.

If you are looking for some motivation, check out my blog with 4 years worth of content full of encouragement, inspiration, and personal development tips to help you take on the week. You can access posts on the Blog page of the website, or the archives below.

During the week, I work with a wealth management group in Nashville, TN. In my free time, you can find me on a run or bike ride around the city.

Connect with me on social media or send me a message through the Connect page!

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What seems like a small or insignificant act for another may be the most meaningful event of someone’s week, year, or life.

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