In May of 2020, I asked my best friends what they would go to me for advice on. I wanted to create a small, 10-page ebook to give to people and knew that my friends would know which topic would be helpful and effective. Handling difficult conversations was one of the things they mentioned. What I thought would be a tiny, 10-page ebook turned into 170 pages. A 2-week project turned into a 15-month adventure.

I always told myself I wanted to write a book, but I figured that would happen during my mid-life crisis. I can’t explain the feeling of holding this proof copy in my hands. This is a look of excitement, but I’m also taking in the weight and gratitude of one of my favorite accomplishments. Sorry for the pause, but I’m holding back the tears and emotion of a dream coming true much earlier than expected. This a dream earned, not given.

DREAMS EARNED ARE GREATER THAN DREAMS GIVEN. God blessed me great coaches, mentors, and friends who helped create the stories in these pages, but a book could not be finished for me. I had to write every single page. I had to put in hours of research. I had to sacrifice time with my friends to make this happen. Maybe I’ll tell you more about the process when we hit some launch goals for this book.

You may wish to become an overnight success. Trust me, this feels better. A dream earned is better than a dream provided overnight. Seeing years of work in a finished product is better than magically becoming successful or famous. You won’t achieve your dreams by sitting around and waiting for them to land in your lap. You have to earn them every day.

It may be hard to see the end of the road, but your goals and dreams are worth it. The work is worth it when you hold it in your hands or see it sitting in front of you. You will thank yourself for not giving up. Tony Robbins said we overestimate what we can do in 1 year, but underestimate what we can do in 5.  You may not be able to accomplish what you want in the next year, but I bet you can surprise yourself with what you accomplish in 5 years.

The proof/test copy (in the video) looks good and I’m excited for you to have access to it in 2 weeks! September 26th! There is some exciting feedback from the launch team so far. I’m excited to see how this book will help people in business, sports, and life!

Coming soon!

I appreciate you.


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