One Conversation

Do you ever lie at night thinking through scenarios in your head? Wondering whether you should say one thing or another? You play through these simulations in your mind, but they never come true. You don’t bring up your true feelings and ignore what you want to say because you would rather protect the relationship.

That was me. Even after I would partially speak up for myself, I would think through all of the things I wish I had said instead. I wanted more chances, but the moments had long gone. All I was left with were a bunch of “what ifs,” a churning in my stomach, and some sleepless nights.

Eventually, I discovered the power of one conversation. One conversation with my professor. One conversation with that person on campus. One conversation with my friend. I couldn’t take back all of the times I bit my tongue to try to make others like me, but I could change the conversation in front of me.

One conversation gained understanding on a poor grade. One saved me from taking 3 laxatives at one time. Another protected one of my best friends. I feared even the tiniest of conflicts, but now I see the gift these moments bring. Most of the time they even carry way less tension than I imagined.

Being liked and speaking up don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You are only one conversation away from sharing how you feel. You are one conversation away from being heard and respected. You have it inside of you. Consistent courage comes from one conversation at a time.

I believe in you.


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