It Only Takes One

Sorry that I didn’t post anything last week. I moved to a new city and spent time with my family, so I didn’t have time to put out a new message. If you have been following along, big things are coming soon!

After 2 years in Atlanta, I moved back to Nashville last week for a new job opportunity. One of the reasons I love Nashville is the awesome view of downtown you get standing along the river or driving towards the city. I biked through Downtown Nashville the other day and took in the view of downtown for a few minutes. As I stood there, I realized that one thing makes the Nashville skyline beautiful: the Batman building. (See it in the picture below)

Nashville Skyline

Cities like Cleveland or Oklahoma City don’t have as exciting of skylines. People remember Paris because of the Eiffel Tower. London is iconic because of Big Ben and Tower Bridge. Seattle has a sweet skyline because of the space needle. (below)

Seattle Skyline

If the city isn’t absurdly populated, the skylines that stand out are the ones with a special building. It only takes one building for a city to stand out. A Batman building or space needle that pops when you look at it. It gives you excitement as you drive into a city or fly by in a plane. Without it, the city doesn’t stand out. With it, the city elevates above the rest.

You can be like the Batman building or space needle. Your presence can transform a group from a gathering of people to a community that people remember. You may not feel like much, but you have the ability to take a group from average to extraordinary. People’s lives are changed with you in it.

You may feel like you go unnoticed or leave little impact on your team or workplace. I can tell you from personal experience that people notice how you carry yourself. People talk behind the scenes about extraordinary employees or great friends. They don’t just talk about your individual capabilities, but also how you make your team or friends better.

Stand tall, be you, and stand out. You elevate the people around you. It only takes one person to make a group stand out.

I appreciate you.


PS: I’ll be building a launch team for my new book, Speak Up, soon. Be on the lookout for that email.

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