Direct Conversations

You know the sports parents. The ones who believe their child is entitled to playing time and deserves to take the game winning shot. The parent who talks about their child non-stop as if he or she is the next LeBron James or Candace Parker.

No matter how over the top your parents are, they should never be the one to talk to your coach about playing time. Every coach hates dealing with the parents of an athlete instead of the athlete directly. Why would your boss feel any different?

In high school, whether you want it or not, parents can intervene if something needs to be done for your well-being. Once you are in college and the working world, your mom cannot call your boss to get you an extra week of vacation or another chance at a special project.

If you have an issue with how you are being treated, your team environment, or anything else related to your job, you have to talk to someone yourself. People do not want to hear about your problems through someone else.

I appreciate you.


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