What do people of impact have in common? Matthew Hussey, a famous relationship coach and author, studied this very question for years. In his analysis of human dynamics and observation of some of the greatest leaders in the world, he noticed consistent patterns. Below are 5 habits of people with impact.

  1. Be a mood creator, not a mood seeker. If you are dependent on other people to give you energy, then you will always become a product of your environment. When you sit down with a group of people, set the mood for the conversation. If you want to have a positive, uplifting conversation, then be the one who creates that environment.
  2. Don’t get ready, stay ready. When you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. Impactful individuals know that the next great moment could be right around the corner. They are constantly prepared for what is coming. Stay ready with questions and stories to add to your situation.
  3. Know your unique selling points. What are your unique selling points? What intrigues you? What are you passionate about? You have gifts and interests that are different than other people. Take advantage of your strengths because they make you unique. They help you stand out and make a greater impact.
  4. Always add value. Don’t focus on what you want. Focus on what other people need. The better you understand the needs of others, the better you can serve them. People with impact make the lives of those around them better. They don’t selfishly hold on to their secrets, but they share openly because they have information or the ability to help others.
  5. Never compromise your standard. Your values and standards should serve as driving forces for how you think and act. Do you know what you stand for? Do you know what you won’t compromise to be successful? Impactful individuals don’t go with what others want, but have set guidelines for how they act. They know the line before they are ever placed in a situation to step over it. Know your boundaries and standards.

I appreciate you.


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