Accept the Challenge

“Alright, Alright, Alright.” Did you know that is the first line Matthew McConaughey ever said in a movie? I listened to Matthew McConaughey’s entire book, Greenlights, on my drive back to Atlanta this past weekend. McConaughey’s stories included living in a van across the US, getting arrested for playing bongos in his birthday suit, and building a family. He shared life lessons and open doors in his life called “Greenlights.” One greenlight story stood out about accepting the challenge.

Matthew traveled to Africa to find the meaning of a dream. On his journey, he traveled through different tribes and villages throughout Africa. He created a fake identity as a writer and boxer, but his name and visits were increasingly anticipated as he passed through each tribe.

On one stop, a massive, sturdy man named Michelle approached Matthew, pointed his finger at his chest, and pointed at the sandpit next to them. A challenge. Without hesitation, Matthew returned the favor and dug his feet in the sand of the pit. Through chants and applause, the village gathered around for an epic battle.

Matthew was beaten and bloodied but walked away with a stalemate. The crowd screamed and chanted his name as his opponent hung his head and briskly walked away from the crowd. 

The next day Matthew discussed his wrestling match with a translator and asked if he had won. To his surprise, the translator said that he had done very well and everyone thought the fight would be over in 10 seconds because Michelle was the champion of that village and 3 villages before.

He ended the conversation by telling Matthew, “It is not about win or lose. It is about if you accept the challenge. When you did that, you already won.”

You will fall short of your expectations and the expectations of others. You will lose battles and accept defeat. Every event in your life is not about winning, it’s about facing the challenge. Follow the green lights and accept the challenge. 

In the book, Matthew says, “Some look for an excuse to do. Others look for an excuse not to.”

Where can you say “Alright, Alright, Alright” and walk towards a challenge this week?

I appreciate you.


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