5 Tips to Overcome a Setback

We each face a major setback at some point or another. For some, it is a major injury and for others it could be the loss of a job. I have had my fair share of setbacks, especially physically, so here are 5 tips to help you through a major setback in your life.

  1. Accept the Setback. If you want to overcome a setback, you must first accept that something in your life changed. Numbers of people keep living as if nothing has changed. If you had knee surgery, you can’t keep walking and running like you used to. You need to spend time on crutches and in a brace to heal and recover. If you are moving across the country out of your control, you have to accept that you can’t go out to dinner with the same friends every week. Accepting a change helps you move forward in a new way.
  2. Remember Your Why. There will be days where you don’t want to continue fighting. Days will pass by where you dread your situation and don’t want to grind through. Your why is the north star that points you forward. It wakes you up in the morning when you don’t want to move. It reminds you of the people depending on you to make it through. Why are you fighting? Why do you want to get to the other side? If you struggle to focus on your why, post it in your room or make a daily reminder on your phone. Remembering your why centers you to fight each day.
  3. Remain Positive. Complaining won’t get you anywhere. You cannot control everything that happens to you, but you can control how you respond. The more you tell yourself a breakthrough is coming, the better your body and mind will respond. If you tell yourself that your situation is terrible then your body and attitude will reflect that. Remaining positive encourages others in your situation and makes it better for others to be around you. Positivity is a competitive advantage, but it is a choice you have to make.
  4. Have a Plan. It can be tough to keep fighting back every day when you face a large setback. Creating a plan gets you into a routine to overcome whatever is in front of you. If you have an injury, create a physical therapy plan to gain back your strength and mobility. If you lost a job, set a goal for the number of applications you will submit each day. Put steps or goals in your calendar or create alerts that will help hold you accountable. Instead of focusing on the pain of a setback, put effort into the tasks that help get you back on your feet.
  5. Lean on Others. You don’t have to go through your struggle alone. Your friends and family want to help you through major setbacks. Let them into your struggles and frustrations. You will be surprised at what other people can relate to. When I had hip surgery, I couldn’t carry anything nor hardly move while I was on crutches for a month. My friends and family were great at helping me carry food or grab something from a shelf I couldn’t reach. It is not weak to ask for help. People want to help you get back on your feet, no matter your setback. You can overcome the setback quicker and easier with a team than you ever could individually.

The comeback is greater than the setback.

I appreciate you.


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