Treat Yourself

Parks and Recreation is one of my all-time favorite TV shows! From Ron Swanson’s ability to eat an entire cow to Leslie Knope’s over-the-topness, the show is an American classic. One of my favorite characters is Tom Haverford, played by Aziz Ansari. Tom is the entrepreneurial-minded government official with a confidence level off the charts. One second he is making fun of Jerry and the next he is coming up with an idea for the next business to lose a million dollars.

Every year, Tom and Donna have a day called “Treat Yo Self.” This is one day every year where they splurge on everything they want. They hit shopping malls, spas, and fancy restaurants to take advantage of the one day they drop thousands of dollars on themselves. Tom buys fancy suits and Donna drops big-time money on jewelry. One year, Ben bought a decked-out Batman costume.
Treat Yo Self is a way to relax and unwind from the stress in your life. For Tom and Donna that looks like retail therapy. For Ben, that was finding a full-blown Batman costume that would make any superhero fan jealous.

There is all kinds of stress going on in people’s lives. I am giving you the permission you are looking for to treat yourself today. Treat yourself does not need to be spending a ton of money while shopping; I encourage you to avoid dropping thousands of dollars on unnecessary clothing. Splurging may look like a cheat day on your diet or taking a day off from work to relax.

I have seen people drive themselves crazy by giving themselves no leeway in their schedule or goals. They become miserable from following strict diets and never give themselves a cheat day to relax. You can take a day off to rest and still be on track to meet your goals.
Treat yourself today, you deserve it!

I appreciate you.

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  1. So now I have to watch Parks & Rec…never seen it!

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