Following the Whisper

My friends Brody and Emily Beiler released a book yesterday called Following the Whisper! The book details stories about God, Biblical examples, and practical ways to hear God’s whisper.  A few of my favorite parts of the book so far include sections on praying boldly, God working in His time, and a detail of The Lord’s Prayer.

Some of you have heard stories about Awaken Nashville, a month of prayer and fasting in the city of Nashville. I want to share one of the stories that Brody and Emily highlight in their new book:

“The instructions for the prayer challenge were for each person to write all the individuals on their unique list of 15 names a letter to the assigned addresses. So at the end of the month, every single person in Nashville should have received a letter that they were being prayed for. In one specific scenario, a man who didn’t have a relationship with Jesus received a letter from someone random that he was being prayed over every single day for 30 days. Something about that letter touched his heart, and he reached out to the church, asking to speak with a member. After a long conversation and prayer, the man, Tommy, asked the Church member if he could be baptized, today. Astonished, the church member said “Yes, of course!” That night Tommy was baptized in a horse trough declaring that ‘Jesus is the one true God, who died for his sins.’

Hold tight, God took it a step further. Three days after Tommy was saved, the church member received a letter that Tommy was saved, the church member received a letter that Tommy had passed away from a heart attack. With a grieving heart, the church member decided to attend the funeral. After the funeral was over, the family came over, and gave the biggest hug to the church member thanking them for saving Tommy. They then asked, ‘Will you baptized all of us?’ On the day of the funeral, Tommy’s wife and his three kids were baptized and saved – a work that could only be credited through the Holy Spirit.”

The best way to hear a whisper is to get closer. Follow the whisper this week; you never know what will happen!

If you want to read more stories or learn how to Follow the Whisper, you can purchase the Beiler’s new book here:

Plus, all the proceeds from this book go to missionaries in Guatemala!

I appreciate you.


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