90% of the Way

Do you ever feel like your dreams are really far away? Maybe you feel like you will never make it to the goals that you have been working on for years.  Do you want to give up on something you have put hours, weeks, and years into producing?

If you walk into the average American household, you will probably see Steve Harvey on TV in the living room. But before his big break, Steve Harvey had only $35 and was about to give up on his dream of comedy. Right before he called his parents to come and live at home, he dialed an answering machine at his house. He asked God for a chance and hoped that he would come through.

When he dialed his answering machine, he had a call from the Owner of The Apollo in New York offering him a gig. The Apollo is a famous in New York that aired comedy shows on TV. This was exactly the break that Steve needed, but he didn’t have enough money to get to New York.

Right before Steve called The Apollo back to tell them he couldn’t make the show, he received another voicemail offering him $150 for a show a few hours away. Steve made the trip and was so funny that the owner put him on again the next night. After the performance he had enough money to buy a flight to New York to perform on TV at The Apollo.

That night, comedian after comedian was booed off the stage, including Jamie Foxx. Steve got more and more nervous as it grew closer to his time to stand in front of the lights. Unlike every performance before him, Steve took hold of the crowd and left with a standing ovation. That one night launched Steve’s career in comedy and TV.

Steve Harvey was 1 minute away from giving up on his dream and going home. He was 1 message away from his massive break through that would launch his comedy and TV career. I recently saw a quote the other day that said, “90% of people put in 90% of the work to achieve their dreams.” We often get close to achieving our dreams and goals but give up right before the finish. We give up right before the breakthrough.

Your dreams are closer than you think. Your opportunity is right around the corner.

Ask God for that 10%.

I appreciate you.


2 thoughts on “90% of the Way

  1. Jared, Really cool Monday Motivation. Always look forward to your thoughts every Monday! This is a great story! Papa

    1. Thanks for always reading!

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