Dame Time

Live sports are back! The NHL is in the middle of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, The NBA and WNBA resumed the remainder of their seasons in the Florida bubbles, and who knows if the MLB will actually finish the season. For now, it is great to have sports back on TV!

In the NBA bubble, 13 teams from the Western Conference were given a chance to compete for 8 positions in the playoffs. The top 7 were locks to already make the playoffs, but the final position was tight between 4 teams going into the final games of the regular season.

One of the teams fighting for a playoff berth was the Portland Trailblazers, led by Damian Lillard. He averaged 37.5 points per game in the 8 regular season games in the bubble and scored 31 points on Saturday to help his team advance to the playoffs. He even scored 51 and 61 points in back-to-back games for crucial victories.

Since Portland is on the west coast, a lot of America does not get to see the Trailblazers play very often. Even though “Dame” is the next cover athlete for NBA 2K, he did not get the respect he deserves as a superstar in the NBA until the bubble.

Here are some of his quotes from interviews in the bubble:

“I told you when I first came here, I said I ain’t here to waste my time…Job still ain’t done, but you know what I’m here for.”

“I’m not going to sleep welling tonight knowing I was passive and didn’t make the right play.”

“We know we can play and beat anyone in the league.”

“Put some respect on my name!”

Inject that confidence straight into your veins! This week is your time.

Damian Lillard knows that the 4th quarter is “Dame Time.” When it comes down to the wire, he knows it is his time to shine. When everyone else is feeling tired, he takes advantage of the opportunity. He has proven that with clutch shot after clutch shot. You may feel like you are in the 4th quarter of Covid right now. You feel exhausted and irritated with everything going on in the world. You are stuck with your family for too many hours during the day and it is starting to get to you. No matter how down you feel right now, this is your time.

You are not in your situation to waste your time. Now is your chance to take what your worth and show the world what you are worth. You are not defined by your situation. Now is your chance to prove the doubters wrong.

Do people know what you are here for? Do people know what you are about? Now is your chance to show people what you are chasing. Now is your chance to pivot not panic.

It’s your time.

I appreciate you.


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