New Day

If you are reading this today, you were given a gift today: you woke up!

Today is a new day!

Our world has been thrown off for a few months with Covid, so I want to get back to focusing on what you want. I want you to think about what you enjoy, your dreams, and your desires.

Who do you want to be today? You can be adventurous. You can be calm and controlled. You can be an athlete today. Whoever you were and whatever you did yesterday doesn’t matter. Today is a blank page with a story being written until you hit the pillow tonight.

You may be wanting to start a new habit or routine. It doesn’t matter if you think you can keep it going for a week or month straight. How about you do it today? Don’t worry about if you can keep it going tomorrow, tomorrow will worry about itself. Try it out today.

We often put ourselves into boxes. When we have success with a task, sport, or activity, we keep telling ourselves that we are good at it. If we fall short in an area, we tend to tell ourselves that we aren’t good at the activity. Today, I don’t want you to tell yourself that you are bad at something. I want you to have an open mind while building on your strengths. If you want to sing today—sing. If you want to be a runner today—go for a run. If you want to be a salsa dancer—look up some YouTube videos and have a dance session in your kitchen. There are no boxes today.

We have all spent a ton of slowing down during quarantine. With so much time on the brakes, it’s time to give yourself a little gas. Fuel you dreams and passions and do something you enjoy today.

Today is time to focus on what we “get to” do instead of what we “have to” do.

Tomorrow will worry about itself. Today is a new day.

Who are you going to be today?

I appreciate you.


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