Sore or Sorry

I’ve been competing in a virtual fundraiser decathlon-of-sorts that spreads over 2 weeks. The events range from as many burpees as possible in 3 minutes to a mile time trial. I’m only halfway through the competition and here is an update: I’m very sore.

As these events pile the exertion on my body, I’m reminded of a quote I heard many years ago, “Would you rather be sore or sorry?”

For athletes, soreness is a necessary part of growth. You must break down your body to let it repair itself stronger. You won’t get any better if you never push yourself beyond where you are comfortable. You can wake up and go through the motions, but what will happen on the day of competition? When you put in the work, you are satisfied with an outcome because you know you gave it your best. Don’t end up in a cycle of feeling sorry for yourself because you keep skipping your workout, class, or opportunity to learn something new.

The quote expands beyond just athletics. In the workplace you can push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You will get sore through constructive feedback or by interacting with people you aren’t used to. In the end, it will pay dividends with access to projects and opportunities that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t push yourself.

If you sit on the sidelines and stay in your bubble you may end up feeling sorry for yourself. You will be upset when others get promoted and you keep sitting in the same position.

Growth starts with today.

Is your goal ease or excellence?

Would you rather be sore or sorry?

I appreciate you.


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