New Actions-New Results

We each have targets and goals that we want to achieve. Some goals will play out over decades while others are as simple as brushing your teeth in the morning. If you are anything like me, you get frustrated when your goals aren’t realized in short time periods.

Here is something that isn’t rocket science: The difference between you achieving your goals or not comes down to your actions. The actions that you take determine the results of your day. If you want to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, then you have to make a bowl of cereal and eat it. If you want to create a template letter for work, you have to write it.

Unfortunately, it is common to see people with targets and goals who don’t change their actions. I know that isn’t you, but we all know someone. Someone wonders why they aren’t losing weight, but they are eating the same junk food every day. Students wonder why they are tired all day and they don’t go to sleep any earlier. Maybe someone wants to write a book, but they aren’t writing. I’ve been there and I fell into the loop of operating in the same routine while expecting different results.

You won’t achieve different results with the same actions. If you want different results, you need to change your actions.

How can you change your actions? Tony Robbins says your emotional state influences your actions. You must make a radical change in your physiology to kick start your motivation.

Your motivation can be the difference between you realizing results or sitting in the same loop of consistency. It can be hard to find consistent motivation, so it helps to create an environment that fosters motivation, passion, and action.

Here is a list of things to try and give one a shot:

  • Morning Bible reading and prayer
  • Meditation
  • Gratitude journal
  • Visualize yourself feeling proud, excited, or at the finish line of your goal
  • Sleep an extra 30 minutes
  • Listen to a motivational podcast or video in the morning
  • Stand in a power pose for 2 minutes
  • Shout in excitement like no one is listening
  • Schedule 15-30 minutes in your calendar to focus on your big goal
  • Exercise

These practices can help shift your mind and focus every day towards the things you want. Don’t try to add them all to your schedule but try adding something from the list to your day or adding something else that will increase your motivation towards your goals.

Where do you need to take radical action? You know where you need to take a step forward. Let’s go after it this week.

If you want help with anything, send me an email.

I appreciate you.


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