Ad Maiora

The other day I was looking up Latin phrases because why not? Carpe Diem is extremely mainstream, so I wanted to find something else. I came across an awesome phrase during the depths of my research: ad maiora. It means, “towards greater things.”

Ad maiora is a perfect phrase for everything going on right now. Everything going on in your life right now is pushing you towards greater things. Every interaction, every moment of isolation, and hour of work is pushing you towards greater things. As hard as may be to believe right now, greater things are coming. This too shall pass, and the world will resume with a new sense of purpose and passion. During this time of social distancing we are learning the importance of community, a new heart for small businesses, and many more people are being active outdoors. This time is forcing us towards greater things.

Every day you have a choice: you can move backward or forwards. You can choose to make yourself and the world better during this time or you can stand still. You can read, work on the dream you have been waiting to pursue, or renew friendships through phone calls and video chats. You can help support businesses that are hurting during this time, reach out to people who may be alone, or take a walk outside. I’ve added meditation and worked on a big personal project since I have more time on my hands. This is a perfect opportunity to build a new habit to keep when our lives return to normal.

Let’s make this period of isolation a time of growth. Let’s learn new concepts, develop new skills, and create new creative content. You can sit around and wait for this to move on or you can take control of your attitude and effort.

Imagine yourself 10 years from now. What would the future you be doing today? What is the future you a master of that you are not? Act with that person in mind.

The world isn’t waiting for you to be great; every day is an opportunity to move towards greater things.

Ad maiora.

I appreciate you.


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