Planted, not Buried

I came across a message from TD Jakes and Steve Harvey this past weekend that I want to share.

Being planted and buried appear the same. Each scenario takes you deep into the ground where you are covered up with a lot of dirt. One goes into the ground and doesn’t expect to be seen again while the other will come back transformed.

Every single one of you has been planted. You didn’t just happen, and you weren’t an afterthought. You have been placed in a specific spot at a specific time.

You aren’t buried yet. If you still have a breath in your lungs, then God isn’t done with you yet. You are planted in your current position that will produce fruit down the road, but you don’t know it yet. No matter how much dirt may be piled up on top of you, you will eventually reach the sunlight. You will eventually start to see the benefits of your time under the surface.

One of the best things about plants is they produce seeds to grow more plants. When a plant grows and establishes itself, it can then spread its seeds to help others grow. You are a seed-bearer with the ability to grow others around you. No matter how dark it may seem underneath the ground, you will break the surface and bring life to numbers of people around you.

Planting transforms you to become greater than when you went in the ground. You are not buried to disappear and hide, but to come out stronger than when you went down in the ground.

You have a destiny; you are not buried.

Don’t give up because you are coming up!


I appreciate you.


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