Big Things

A couple weeks ago, 65,000 18-25-year olds gathered at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta to start the New Year pursuing Jesus. Young adults from all around the world gathered to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Greta Thunberg was the youngest person ever named the Time Magazine Person of the Year at 16.

Nick Lowinger, 22, started Gotta Have Sole, an organization that has donated 100,000 shoes to homeless youth.

I watched a group of young men pray daily for months on end for God to move on their team. I witnessed a large group of college students gather every Saturday evening to worship and be vulnerable with each other instead of countless other things that could be done on Saturday nights.

I saw a group of friends raise money to buy another friend a truck after he totaled his old car and was couch surfing for months.

Big things are happening through young people in the world. People may call us lazy or addicted to technology, but I see a different story.

We haven’t been told “no” enough times to give up. We haven’t failed enough times to give up. We aren’t constricted to the traditional way things have always been done. We see something that can be better and work through technology, social media, and people we know to make the world better. The youth in our world aren’t just sitting around looking at their phones. They are changing the world and workplaces for the better.

Not everyone will believe in your vision and not everyone will back you up. When you are feeling discouraged look at the great things young people are doing today. Don’t feel down for not achieving the same media catching accomplishments as Greta and Nick, be encouraged that you can have just as great an impact as them. See that your age doesn’t limit your abilities. See that people are willing to help. God wants you to be great, you just have to follow what He has put on your heart.

Which story are you going to believe? You can listen to the people who say we are soft, obsessed with technology, and not willing to work hard or you can believe in the power we hold. Believe in the way we can use technology to change a generation, the work ethic to enact change we believe in, and the ability to care about people less fortunate than us.

I’m watching a generation rise up for each other and for God. For those who may not fit the Gen Z/Millennial demographic, don’t just grab your popcorn and watch the show. Hire the dreamers and doers to your companies. Mentor and guide them through the challenges of life. They are the future.

“Do not let them look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” -1 Timothy 4:12

I appreciate you.


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