Walk on the Grass

The other weekend I was walking through Belmont’s campus in Nashville and I noticed a lot of signs that read, “Please use sidewalks (Protect our grass—Do not use lawn as a shortcut).” After living down the road for four years, I never spent the time to walk around Belmont’s campus before. I searched around and hardly any students were hanging out in the grass during the beautiful, 60-degree day.

The lack of use of God’s green creation caught me off guard because college campuses are typically the places where students play catch with a frisbee or football on the massive lawns, set up hammocks, or slackline. In the center of the campus, there were only a few students sitting on blankets on the edge of the grass. The grass sure looked nice, but it wasn’t being used.

This monstrosity got me thinking about how sometimes in our lives we spend so much time protecting something that we don’t actually enjoy it. Belmont cares so much about the grass that students don’t feel comfortable lying on it during a bright, sunny day. You may have a fancy car that sits in your garage to avoid any damage, a pair of Jordan’s that sits in the closet to avoid scuffs, or a bottle of wine that you want to save for the perfect occasion that never comes.

We spend so much time protecting things of value that we don’t enjoy the value they hold.

In Parks and Rec, Tom and Donna have a “Treat Yo Self” day every year. They go and enjoy the things that life has to offer, which includes a lot of shopping for them. They take a day to enjoy the efforts of their hard work.

You all have worked hard. I’m not saying that you should go and spend all of your retirement savings or be irresponsible, but enjoy what you have worked for. Take time to soak in the benefits of your efforts. Go out for a meal, drive that convertible, or lie in your nicely manicured lawn. Enjoy yourself this week.

Walk on the grass.


I appreciate you.


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