Technology is supposed to be smart, efficient, and correct in today’s world. It’s supposed to be. During one of my first weeks in Atlanta, I was driving back to my apartment from a trip outside the city. During my highway excursion, I followed the directions from Google Maps to take an exit about 30 minutes away from my place. At this point, I wasn’t familiar with the interstates around Atlanta, so I didn’t think anything different.

After I exited on the off-ramp, I followed a country road for about a minute just to make a U-turn and enter right back on the highway that I just exited. The GPS gave me instructions to exit, turn around, and get right back in the same place. I thought someone was totally messing with me just to waste 5 minutes of my life. I imagine someone at Google taking over my device and changing my directions to tick me off.

2 Takeaways:

  1. Life will never be a straight path to your destination. We often have an idea of where we want to go, but we never take a straight line. There will be obstacles, turns, and random exits along the way. You may think you are heading one direction and then all of a sudden you will be running backwards.
  2. Sometimes we blindly follow the wrong directions. You have to take everything people tell you to do with a grain of salt because others love telling you what you should do. When you know where you need to go, others are going to try and take you a different direction. Stay on the path that God has for you.

When you turn to God as your GPS, he is going to send you on all over the place. You are going to take random turns and exits that lead to places way off your expected path. I know I’m in a different part of the country than I ever expected to be, but there is something fun in following a map to a destination you know is better than what you could expect.

The journey is the destination.


I appreciate you.


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