1 Point

This past weekend the Lipscomb cross country teams swept the ASUN conference championships by winning both the men’s and women’s races! It is the first time since 2015 where both teams won in the same year.

While the women controlled the race from the beginning, the men’s race was more spread out. During the race it was impossible to tell which team would walk away with the championship, so our watch party waited anxiously as the results gradually flashed on our phones. When the results were finalized, large shouts echoed through campus as the Bisons won by 1 point over Liberty! 1 point!

As athletes, we constantly hear the importance of every second, point, or play, but I know that I hardly think that a result will come that close. Yet, our teams have seen 1-point losses and victories in conference championships over the last few years.

Looking through the results, certain places stand out that led to the team title. Obviously, having Brent Leber as the individual champion is a big boost to the team. The top 4 runners all performed where they needed to, but the race gets close around Lipscomb and Liberty’s 5th runners. Patrick crossed in 14th place to be the first 5th runner to place, followed closely by Sam. Sam beat Liberty’s 5th runner by 0.3 seconds. These two guys pushed Liberty’s 5th runner behind Lipscomb’s 5th and 6th, which ultimately led to the 1-point victory.

Even if you aren’t the top runner, player, or employee, your contribution can make the 1-point difference needed to win. You can be the one who gets the team the victory or helps the company land the deal. People often look over the player who gives 5 quality minutes without scoring, the runner in the back of the pack who is constantly offering encouragement to the team, or the analyst or assistant who is doing the dirty work that others don’t have time to do. Those people matter to the success of every team even if their efforts don’t clearly show up on the stat sheets, results, or earnings reports. The “points” that make a difference won’t be given, they must be earned.

It’s been a crazy 2 years for the Lipscomb guys to get back as conference champions, but they are evidence of how hard work, team culture, good coaching, prayer, and fighting for every second will reap the rewards.

Where are you going to fight for 1-point this week?


I appreciate you.


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