Who Said?

Who Said?

Who said your dreams were supposed to be fulfilled already?

Who said you should have everything together?

Who said you should be engaged since it seems like someone is getting engaged or married every weekend?

Why do we feel so much pressure to be on top things? Like others, I get caught comparing myself to the timeline of others’ lives.

I fall into the trap of thinking my timeline is better than God’s and then get frustrated when I don’t meet my deadlines. Really, I’m comparing my success and achievements to the age when others achieved the same accomplishments. When we expect big stages in life to happen at the same time as others, we attempt to eliminate God’s timeline. You probably won’t get a promotion at the same time as someone else. You probably won’t get a book published at the same age as someone else. You probably won’t get married at exactly the same age that your parents or grandparents did. Their life stories have their own timelines and your life has its own timeline, they don’t have to be the same.

JK Rowling didn’t get Harry Potter published until she was 32. Morgan Freeman didn’t get his big break until he was 50, which is a shame with his voice. Colonel Sanders didn’t launch the first franchised KFC until he was 62. God can use you at any time in your life. Your big dreams may not happen until many years down the road, so don’t get frustrated when they don’t happen today, tomorrow, or this year. Sometimes God delays the goals on your heart to bring them forward at the perfect time.

I go through times of doubt and fear in pursuit of my dreams and goals.

One question has helped me recently: Did God say or someone else?

Did God tell you your dream or goal is a bad idea or did someone else? Does God doubt your dream or do you?

I’m sitting on all kinds of little ideas of things to try, but I don’t act because of doubt of how they will turn out. I believe God gave me some of the ideas, so I know he isn’t telling me to hide them. Doubt says hide your ideas. Fear says stay in your bubble. Insecurity says you won’t amount to anything great. A lot of times the person holding you back is the voice in your head or negative words of others. When you recognize who you believe you can start choosing who to listen to. I’d much rather believe the thoughts God gives me or the encouraging words from my friends and family, than the doubt or negativity in my head.

Who said you aren’t good enough? Who said you should give up on the callings on your heart? Who said things are happening too late in your life? It wasn’t God.

You are living your own story, trust God’s timeline.


I appreciate you.


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