Thank you to everyone who wrote over this last month. Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement!

In honor of 2 years of Monday Motivation, I’m rolling out a couple social media accounts to share Monday Motivation and other messages. The purpose is to share encouragement, faith, and inspiring stories. I hope and pray that it will turn into a platform where many people can share what is on their hearts. Most people get caught up in the negative and wild stories on social media, but there are people sharing incredible, encouraging messages with the world. I want this to be a platform where those positive messages are shared. If you ever have anything you want to share, let me know.

The accounts are called Arrows and this week’s message is the background behind the name.

Follow the accounts below.



Over the last couple of months, I have been thinking and praying about what the future of Monday Motivation will look like. I was sitting in Piedmont Park listening to The Arrow by Andy Mineo and God kept telling me that this is what the new platform needs to be called.

Arrows are used to pierce a target. When a hunter shoots his or her prey with an arrow, it has the instant ability to stop it in its tracks. An arrow straight to the heart will change the trajectory of any animal’s life.

Similar to a hunter, we have the ability to launch metaphorical arrows into this world.

Every word we speak and every choice we make is an arrow. Every word of encouragement has the ability to change someone’s day. Every act of love has the ability to change someone’s week.  Constant encouragement, love, and truth has the ability to change someone’s life.

I write a Monday Motivation every week in an effort to pierce the heart of anyone who reads. I pray that God will change hearts through encouragement and conviction. Not every arrow will hit the intended target and not every message will change someone’s day and that’s alright. The more arrows you shoot, the more bullseyes you will hit.

The best thing about an arrow is that it isn’t doing the fighting. It is sent by an archer. The arrow follows the path established by the one who sent it. God is the master archer of our lives. Every Monday Motivation is an arrow guided by God. Every message or story is an opportunity for God to move in someone’s life.

Arrows is a platform for God to launch messages and words that will move in ways that only He has planned.

You also are an arrow with God as your master archer. He has sent you to where you are now and will send you where He wants in the future. Be ready to change hearts when you land at His intended target.

Your words and actions are arrows. Let’s send arrows of love and encouragement to this world.

You are also an arrow. Let the best archer, God, guide your path.


I appreciate you.


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