Feelings of Inadequacy-Chase Hampton

Sometimes we feel that we are simply not good enough to do something, that may be an assignment, the ability to play a sport, or to write a Monday Motivation. Sometimes feelings of fear and inadequacy can keep you safe from moments of danger or embarrassment. If you do not feel comfortable or confident in your ability to walk across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope then you probably shouldn’t face that fear. But fear and feelings of inadequacy can also rule your life.


I consider myself a confident person, yet I deal with feelings of inadequacy just like anyone else. I put off writing this because I feel that I am not a good writer. I have been sick for the past 2 weeks and not been running well so the expectations that I feel are on me to perform cause me to feel that I am failing. Sometimes I feel that there is no way that I will be ready to be a teacher a year from now.


Our feelings of inadequacy can take over and rule our lives. We live in a comparative culture driven by social media and portrayals of lives that do not exist. I like to show people that I can be the consistent person that they can lean on in times of distress, and those people think that I don’t struggle with anything. In my prayers leading up to writing this, I felt God calling me to share the things that I feel inadequate in. 


God has a plan for you that exists in the future, it does not dwell in the past with the failures that you believe define you. We live in a world full of expectations that we cannot meet, however God only has one expectation of us. That is that we will fail, and he will continue to love us through all of our failures and inadequacies. You are not alone, everyone feels that they are not good enough at something, don’t let them fool you.


God’s not done with you yet.


-Chase Hampton

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