Content but Never Satisfied-Ashton Darby

As a special education teacher, sister to three beautiful African-American boys, daughter of a momma-on-a-mission to end homelessness and soon-to-be wife of a strong leader in Christ, I can say I have my FAIR share of blessings. Love is something that is never a shortage in my household. But just like every other family across the globe, our love does not look like a Norman Rockwell painting or a seamlessly scheduled life. It is constantly disrupted by the mental health, physical chronic illnesses, and trauma. I am proud to say that we are brilliantly imperfect and because of that, resilient.


We have this motto: “content but never satisfied”- This means being genuinely content in the moment you have, in the things you receive and lose, but always striving to be someone greater, to serve more deeply, and to grow more intentionally.


I would say one of the scariest things we could ever do in our life is become content. Jesus himself said the one who is lukewarm he spits out of his mouth! I truly believe when he said this, he intended for this to be a message that infects every part of the way you live. If my family stayed comfortable, secure financially and embraced our little 9 to 5 lives, then I would not have 3 of the most incredible young men as brothers.


I am only recently new to this “adulting” life, but working a career of my own has only made me marvel at the decisions my family has made to never be content. BECAUSE IT IS SO TEMPTING YA’LL. I come home and think to myself, “Gosh, I am so tired. This work is hard. I helped kids today. I’m sure I made a difference to at least one of them. I finally get to have this time for myself”. But friends, why would you limit yourself like that? By conforming to a routine that is comfortable and safe, you desensitize yourself to the hurt of others. And if I am honest, that is my true fear in life; to be someone that stays in their comfort, with their people, in their jobs, and never remembers to look up and see something bigger to fight for with your entire soul. It is important to find a passion that builds other people up, outside of work, outside of comfort, that is truly rooted in love and a desire to no longer be content. My dad always used to tell me what love means to him. Read it out loud and slowly.


Loving someone is giving them what they need the most,

at a moment they deserve it the least, 

and usually at great personal cost. 


Don’t let another day go by where you stay safe. Go be content but never satisfied.


-Ashton Darby

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