I love my friends!

Imagine sitting on one of your best friend’s couches dreaming about your goals. You are shouting out Amen’s like you’re at a lively church service and clapping when your friend shares his plan to change the lives of those around him. You talk for hours because your friend keeps sharing the desires God has put on her heart. You have a hard time sleeping because you are so fired up about the great things that are going to happen in the future.

That was me this past week and a half. I had in-person conversations and phone calls with some of my best friends where we brainstormed for hours about how we can make our dreams reality and how God is calling us during our current stages of life. Each conversation left me with an incredible amount of life and motivation to go and pursue my passions.

A constant theme came from each conversation: This is not normal.

I am surrounded by people who challenge the status quo. On a daily basis I talk with men and women who want to be successful but aren’t satisfied with just talking about it. I listen to stories of how my friends are actively following the paths God has put in front of them. God has put incredible friends and family around me who don’t sit back and wait for something to happen, they go and make it happen.

As a group, we are DANGEROUS.

Dangerous does not mean at risk of physically harming ourselves, except for some running injuries. We are dangerous to the status quo. We are dangerous to average. We are dangerous to the way things usually are. We are dangerous to mediocrity. Every day I wake up knowing that my friends are going to impact numbers of lives.

I know this isn’t normal for most people. I want you to have a group of people who dream with you. I want you to have a group of people who welcome your crazy and ambitious goals. I gain an incredible amount of motivation from sharing what goals God has put on my heart with my friends. We don’t want to be people who just talk about what could be, so we work together to tangibly reach those goals. If you have hidden dreams and goals, I challenge you to share them with someone you trust this week.

Surround yourself with people who will make you dangerous. Surround yourself with people who fuel your passions, who encourage you when you need life, who see the best in you when you can’t see it.

Together you can be dangerous.


If you need someone to dream with, you know how to contact me.


I appreciate you.


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