Holy Moments

It’s Monday! And it’s summer!

Recently, my grandpa gave me Matthew Kelly’s book, The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity to read. The book was a great perspective on Christianity that I needed. As indicated by the title, the book addresses some of the biggest lies that Christians hear, but then focuses on one big lie that I had never thought about.

Here are five of the biggest lies in the history of Christianity:

  1. Jesus didn’t exist
  2. The resurrection is a myth
  3. Christianity preys on the weak and ignorant
  4. Christianity is anti-intellectual and anti-scientific
  5. Christianity is anti-sex

The biggest lie: Holiness is not possible.

The book goes in-depth on each of the lies, but I was shocked to read what Kelly noted as the biggest lie. When I initially considered holiness, I would absolutely say that I am not a holy person. I think that is the case for pretty much everyone. Kelly argues that we have all come to believe a big lie that holiness is not possible.

He says that we can create holy moments. I often looked at holiness in the scheme of my entire life put together. This perspective breaks holiness down into singular moments instead of a singular lifetime. We can each create holy moments every day and that is considered holy.

A holy moment could be praying. It could be making dinner for someone else. It could be saying, “hi” to someone you walk by. Holy moments could be big things, but God is present in the small things as well. We can each create holy moments every day and you don’t have to think of them as some big, fancy, spiritually-awakening extravaganzas. A holy moment can be something you already do every day. When we realize that holy moments aren’t stretches, we can create more of them. Then, when we create holy moments, others will notice and create them themselves.

God wants us to acknowledge him. When we acknowledge Him, that is a holy moment. God wants us to create holy moments. You can be holy, and you are holy, so don’t believe the lie that holiness isn’t possible.


I appreciate you.


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