This is Impossible, But…

I came across a Jon Acuff post last week that got me thinking. Below is a section of his post from Twitter/Instagram:

“Fear is chatty. It will always tell you that whatever you’re thinking about doing is impossible. Impossible is the only color fear can see. I’ve found that saying, ‘This is impossible, but _____’ is a simple way to get around that.”

For me, I like to fill in the phrase with, “This is impossible, but I’m not most people.” I like to think of myself as different from others as motivation to reach levels others won’t. Impossible is just a word that someone else placed as an obstacle. Most people fail to keep going, but I’m not most people. They said this job is impossible to receive from my school, but I’m not most people. Most people may see something as impossible, but I’m not most people.

How do you fill in the phrase?

“This is impossible, but I will keep fighting.”

“This is impossible, but fear will not control me.”

“This is impossible, but I choose hope.”

The best don’t do the things that everyone else does. You can’t act like most people if you want to be better than most people. Doing the same thing as everyone else will result in you being like everyone else. The average person will stop when someone tells them something is impossible. How will you get around that? How will you move beyond barriers that others put in your way?

No one knows how to motivate you better than yourself. Fill in the blank with what will encourage you to take on the impossible. Maybe that means changing the phrase to something different for you. Find the words that will help you challenge your fear.

Most people may see something as impossible, but you aren’t most people.

Finish this: “This is impossible, but _____”


I appreciate you.


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