Rome Wasn’t Built in One Day

Rome wasn’t built in one day. I got to see that first-hand last week. Hannah, Lauren, and I traveled around Europe for a couple weeks and saw some amazing monuments and iconic views. In each of the big cities we visited, there are buildings that were built before the United States was even existed. Rome had columns and ruins from BC times and countless buildings built before 500 AD. Walking through historic neighborhoods showed me perspective on how young and developing America is.

The buildings in Europe have detail beyond anything I’ve ever seen in America. Sculptures and emblems stand on the corners and faces of every tall building. It is clear that the designs took years and decades to complete. In Barcelona, Sagrada Familia began construction in the 1880s and it won’t finish until 2026.  Today, general construction is about a cleaner, less extravagant look. We try to build things as quickly and efficiently as possible. We don’t see massive cathedrals being built that will take a century to complete.

Iconic buildings aren’t completed in a week or even a year. Why do we expect to reach all of our big goals in short periods of time? Why do we expect instant success? If you look at the best athletes, business leaders, and musicians, you know that they have put in years and decades of hard work to reach the level of fame and success they hold. People come to see the oldest buildings in Europe, not the ones just built. Expect to build your reputation and legacy over a long time rather than a couple weeks.

There is no such thing as an overnight success. The best things in life don’t happen instantly. They are results of daily hard work. Do you want your legacy to last long beyond you leave? Are you alright with your legacy not being fulfilled until after you are gone?

Rome wasn’t built in one day. Your dreams won’t succeed in one day either. Build your empire, it’s going to take a while.


I appreciate you.


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