Do Life with Enthusiasm-Ryan Speer

About two summers ago my sister came to Nashville to visit me. I had been attending college at Lipscomb University for two years at that point and started to become confident that I was a so called “Nashvillian”. One of the things my sister really wanted to do on her visit was to go swing dancing. I thought, “Easy enough, I’ll take her to Centennial Park.” (FYI…Centennial Park hosts free swing dancing every Saturday night in the summer months. Live bands along with food trucks. Great night out for a date or to hang out with friends.) My sister enjoyed the setting, the music, and the company with her wonderful brother haha😉. However, in a brief conversation we had while dancing together that night, she turned to me a said. “Ryan, I’m sorry if I seem like an awkward dance partner” (referring to her dancing ability.) I looked at her and said, “Sis, half these people here, including myself, also are awkward dance partners, we just know how to dance with enthusiasm.” After that, I picked the dancing pace, twirling my sister around the dance floor, probably looking like a darn fool in front of a bunch of strangers. However, their opinions didn’t matter to me, because what I remember from that evening was that my sister and I shared some good laughs, tore up the dance floor, and did it all with enthusiasm.

Master salesman, Earl Prevette said – “Enthusiasm is one of your greatest assets. It is better than money, power or influence–with enthusiasm you become the master of these. Combine enthusiasm with faith and initiative, and you can move mountains and achieve results unheard of.”

Whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish, whether it’s writing a book, continuing your education, starting your own business, or striving to become a better athlete, enthusiasm is the vital moving force that impels action. Enthusiasm will give you the energy that you will need to keep running all the way through the finish line.

Below you will read on 4 ways on how you can start implementing enthusiasm you’re your life.

  • Get your energy up and tackle stress

-It’s hard to generate enthusiasm when you feel tired. Make sure that you have the physical energy to be able to generate lots of enthusiasm by getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and getting regular exercise. Also, most people think stress is bad, but it sometimes can be a blessing. To achieve anything in life, some tension is necessary. To get things done, you need to set deadlines. Challenging yourself to meet deadlines is stressful. However, setting deadlines that you can keep creates good stress and fuels enthusiasm for the task.

2) Role Play

– Everyone has something that excites them. Identify activities or situations that energize you, and engage in them as often as you can. It could be listening to music, reading a book by the author/person you admire, or dressing yourself up each day to “look the part”. Also, use body posture and tone of voice when you’re engaged in something exciting. Be careful not to be fake, but when you’re in an activity or conversation that you feel passionate about, bring in the enthusiasm.

3) Don’t become your own victim

-I read NFL quarterback Case Keenum’s book this past Christmas break. One quote that stood out to me was, “Don’t let the devil distract you with negative thinking.” If you live life in fear, you will end up always having an empty enthusiasm tank. Telling yourself things like the following:

“I’ll never be able to please my boss/parent/or coach.”,

“I’ll never raise enough capital to start that business.”

“That girl/guy will never want to go out with me.”

or “I’ll never be good enough to reach my friend/competitor’s level of success.”

These are all lies that the devil and the world is telling you and you are becoming your own victim if you believe them. To generate enthusiasm, you need to see yourself as a creator. That is, recognize that you can continually take the steps to grow in order to get what you want and desire, regardless of what life throws at you.

4) Have a plan

– Creating a plan will fill you with enough enthusiasm to get up each day and become the person you want to be. Driving around without a map can cause to drive in circles with no clue where you are and with no particular destination in sight. However, when you put a map to good use, it will show you the destination you want to get to. You will probably have detours and roadblocks along the journey, but at least you will be heading in the clear and right direction.

“Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. How do you get it? You act enthusiastic until you make it a habit.” – Gordon Parks.

I challenge you today wake up with the enthusiasm to have the energy, tackle stress, play the role, don’t listen to fear, and plot a course that allows you to experience your life its fullest. Just remember to bring your dancing shoes along with you.

I Love and Appreciate you!

-Ryan Speer

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