Thrive Where You Stand

I’ll be honest, sometimes I have these posts set up early in the week, but most of the time it is whatever I’m feeling on Sunday. Sometimes, I ask other people what they want me to write about, so this week is dedicated to Ahmed. Thanks for the inspiration.

Where is your focus? The past, present, or future?

Are your efforts directed at the mistakes you made in the past, or the good times you had “back in the day.” Do you focus on what could be in the future? Are you intoxicated by dreams of the perfect world in front of you? If you are caught up with the past, you will miss what is happening in the present. If you only focus on the future, you will miss opportunities in the present.

Don’t focus on “one day” so much that you miss today. We all say that we will follow through with plans, assignments, and random tasks in the future. Tomorrow can have its time tomorrow. You are only guaranteed this moment. We all say that we will be better when “this or that” changes. We say we will be, happier, more relaxed, more confident, and more satisfied when a certain person, thing, or situation changes. Why don’t we start acting that way without the change? Maybe you need to change instead of waiting for the situation or person to change.

What do you push off because you are lazy?

What do you push off because you are scared?

What do you push off because you don’t want to commit?

What opportunities are in front of you?

You can’t always control your current situation. Make the most of where you are. You can’t magically transport yourself to another life or day. Are you going to sit around and complain about what is going wrong in your life or are you going to work to impact the lives of those around you? Does your current, disappointing situation distract you from the great things happening in your life? Don’t let 5 bad minutes ruin a perfectly great day.

A tree doesn’t worry about where its seeds will land. I’m pretty sure trees don’t worry about anything. It grows where its roots are planted. Just like a tree grows where it is planted, we have times where we have to grow where we are planted.

Thrive where you stand.

I appreciate you.


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