It’s Open!

The boys in The Village have a tradition when visitors come to our apartment. This tradition started from the house a few guys and I lived at this summer. The door at the house doesn’t exactly have a handle. If you see the bars on the doors and windows it wouldn’t surprise you. This door can only be opened with a key or by flipping a switch from the inside. The door could be switched to stay open, but the only way to know is if you pushed on the door. Sometimes you could knock on one half of the door and not tell that the door was open. We took advantage of this pathetic excuse for a door. When visitors would come over, typically Hannah, we would yell, “It’s open!” just to see the person push on the door and get frustrated to find out it was actually closed.

If you ever knock on our Village door you will hear the same response, “It’s open!” If you have never experienced this beautiful harmony of voices, the door is never actually open. We are just jerks teasing our friends. April Fools! As much as we mess with anyone who visits, our apartment is genuinely open to anyone who wants to visit.

If others knock on your door is it open?

When other people want to get close to you do you let them in? It’s easy to hide from people. When people come knocking, it’s easy to hide and act like no one is home. There are days where we all want to go about our days without thinking about doing something for others. Are you so worried about yourself that you aren’t open to letting others be with you?

When others need help, do you jump up to help them out? I know that I struggle to go out of my way to reach out to others in need. I miss opportunities to reach out to other people.

Think of the people we go to when we need someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, or a friend to spend time with. Most likely, these people are always available when you need them. They will always be open to spending time with you no matter what they have in their schedules.

Do others feel comfortable coming to you? Do people come to you when they need help, want advice, or want to spend time with someone? If you are trustworthy, empathetic, and a good listener, people will come to your door. Be the friend who is always there for people who need you.

Be open.

Make others feel comfortable.

Be available.


I appreciate you.


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