Human Needs

Austin and I listened to Tony Robbin’s Podcast during our expedition to Columbus for spring break. We came across one episode called, “Discover your Subconscious Patterns” that is worth sharing. Check it out on Spotify if you want to hear more. Every human has 6 needs that must be met in life.

6 Human Needs:

  1. When you know the end result of any event or action, you feel comfortable.
  2. Connection/Love. You want to feel enough for someone. You act a certain way to feel loved. Connection can come without love, but it is more temporary.
  3. Uncertainty. Unlimited certainty becomes boring. In some aspect or another, we each need variety and uncertainty.
  4. Need to feel important and special.
  5. You must grow to survive. You search for progress in your life and career, not necessarily a specific goal.
  6. When you share, it magnifies. You want to add something to the lives of those around you.

The order of these needs affects how you respond to life. You may pursue love and variety while someone else desires growth and significance. Your top 2 needs drive the direction of your life, but each need is met in some way or another.

Certainty can come from many different areas of your life. Faith, drugs, coffee, etc. Love can come from being hugged by your parents or being recognized by the guy/girl you find attractive. Significance can come from standing out compared to everyone else or possessing extreme knowledge on a certain subject.

“The order comes from the source of love we crave the most.” Ask yourself these questions: Whose love did you crave most growing up—your mother’s or your father’s? And who did you feel you had to be for that person?

“We adapt so that the source of love teaches us how we have to be unconsciously in order to be significant or loved by them.” Based on how you acted as a child to feel significant and loved probably affects how you search for love, significance, certainty, etc. from others.

People violate their values if they will sacrifice one of their top basic needs (Certainty, Variety, Love, Significance). The top 4 are basic needs and the bottom 2 are “spiritual” needs. You pursue these basic needs no matter what. You desire certain needs more than others, but each must be fulfilled. Are you pursuing these basic needs in a healthy and sustainable matter or are you cutting corners and lying?

When you begin to recognize your order of needs and how you act to meet them, you will better understand yourself. Don’t be afraid to look inward. You can take the short quiz below to discover your top need.

I appreciate you.


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