Avoid the Spray

Apparently, Nashville loves water! The incredible amounts of water falling from the sky make for wonderful driving conditions. I’m convinced that I’m cursed when it comes to driving in rain. Dating back to my permit days, I always seem to be the one who drives through rain. When Austin and I go on road trips, I always drive through torrential downpours while he has nice sunshine. It doesn’t make any sense.

This weekend was no different. I went to visit Topher in Memphis this and drove through some incredible rainstorms each direction. Every single time I drove through rain over the last 7 years prepared me specifically for this weekend.

We all know what it is like to drive behind another car when the road is wet. The spray from the wheels makes it hard to see out of our windshield. This problem escalates even more as rain pours harder. The only way to avoid the extra spray is to get ahead of the other car. Once you are in the clear you can see ahead. Your wipers are more effective and your anxiety calms.

Life is like driving on a wet highway. The closer we get to other people, the more we risk them throwing crap in our way. People will always fight against you. People will call you names and downgrade your accomplishments. They will say you won’t amount to anything. They will spray negativity in your face.

The only way to avoid the spray is to get in front of others. Put them in your rearview mirror. You can’t see your goals if you let others get in your way. Yell in your best Ace Ventura voice, “Clear a path, people!!” Your dreams are worth pursuing, don’t let others limit you.

In storms it is nice to have taillights to give us a path. Those are mentors and leaders who show you the right direction. They will guide you where you need to go. They will show you the path when you can’t see it yourself. They will keep you between the lines when you tend to stray. Learn the difference between cars with guiding taillights and cars who spray. Sometimes we get stuck sitting behind a leader who is just making it harder for us to see. We get stuck behind someone who is just spraying crap in our face. Look for people who lift you up and lead you on the right path, not drag you down and laugh at your dreams.

Don’t let others block your vision. Find the right taillights. Take the lead.

Avoid the spray.


I appreciate you.


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