What’s your initial reaction when someone makes you mad?

How do you react when you are in an argument?

Do you let your emotions get the best of you or do you keep your composure?

I heard this quote recently: “The person you have to be the most worried about is the calmest person in the room.”

The calmest person in the room always keeps his composure. She is good at processing information. He doesn’t react out of emotion, but rather rationality. She doesn’t listen to respond, she listens to understand. The calmest person in the room is great at seeing how he fits into an argument. She knows the facts of a deal and understands the points of each side. You will not be able to get an emotional reaction of him because he knows that the moment he gets emotional he loses respect.

Be the type of person others want to interact with. If you want someone to yell and target your insecurities, then yell and target someone’s weaknesses. If you want someone to respect you and care about you, then respect them and care about them. You are inclined to react how others react. If someone is heated and emotional but you remain calm and composed, you show wisdom and respect. Dan Millman says, “You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.”

Water makes me think of calmness. One of the prettiest scenes in nature, in my opinion, is a lake that looks like glass. Not one ripple distorts the pristine image where everything is in balance. Calm water makes me feel calm. Raging water gives me a sense of fear. If you are at the beach and the lifeguards display a green flag, you are good to jump in the waves. If a red flag flies, then you keep your distance from the water. What flag are you flying? Are you a green flag who invites others to join you or do you fly the red flag that scares others away? Control your water. The more you splash the more others will splash.

When you are calm you will get along better with others, you will process situations better, and you will give and get respect.

Be the calmest person in the room.


I appreciate you.


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