What do you do when you get to a wall?

You probably have two options: climb over it or turn around.

Each decision reveals motivation. If you choose to climb over it, you believe that whatever is on the other side is worth the effort of scaling the wall. If you turn around, you know that the effort of climbing the wall is not worth the reward on the other side.

What walls are you facing in your life? What is standing in your way?

A kid will hop a fence to get a baseball. Why do you stop at a wall when your dream lies on the other side? Obviously, the wall you hop to grab a baseball is much easier to jump than a wall in your life. The wall will be bigger and harder to get over, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream on the other side. If a kid will go after a baseball, why shouldn’t you go after your dreams?

“When you level up the boss gets bigger.” Don’t let a challenge or person standing in your way discourage you from going after what you are called to pursue. If one wall is too hard, don’t be afraid to go towards another. Sometimes doors are closed to open others.

Many times, we reach one wall and believe that is it. We get over one hurdle and are satisfied when we see the results on the other side. Little do we know that God had many hurdles in place for our life, but we get satisfied when we make it over a few. We think we’ve made it after getting through a couple hard times, but God wanted us to fight through multiple more struggles to become the person he fully intended.

Don’t get satisfied or comfortable. “Many times, the things God intends appear when we are uncomfortable.” There wouldn’t be a wall in your life if there wasn’t something on the other side. It may not materialize as a physical gift or tangible result. Some climbs result in learned lessons or changed behavior.

Keep climbing the walls. Just because you got over one doesn’t mean you’re at your final destination.

What’s on the other side of the wall in front of you?


I appreciate you.


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