Be Yourself

I watched Black Mirror for the first time last night and that show blew my mind! For anyone who hasn’t seen the show before, it creates extreme stories revolving around technology which aren’t out of question for our society. The technology ranges from tapping into a person’s computer camera to a computerized dating service.

As extreme as the show is, it raises awareness of a bigger system we each buy into. As much as I disagreed with my Sociology teacher in high school, I do agree that there are forces that subconsciously influence our actions and decisions. There are social norms, constructs, and behaviors that make each of us choose one option over another.  As much as we think our decisions are made independently, there are always factors that influences our choices. You may have made a similar decision before and it worked well, your parents have raised you to act in a certain way, or you feel like you will be judged for choosing one way over another.

Do you feel like you follow what is socially accepted, but at the same time feel like you are losing who you are in the process?

Don’t be afraid to push back against larger forces trying to dictate your decisions. Don’t be afraid of expressing yourself.

Why hide what makes you, you?

I know that I hardly question why I make seemingly simply choices every day. Why do I wear a certain outfit today? If I dig deep down, maybe it is because someone told me I look good in it. Maybe it is because someone I admire wears similar clothing. Maybe it is because I was told that business people are supposed to dress a certain way. Am I choosing to wear what I want or am I wearing what others have influenced as my sense of style? This is just a small example.

Every day you are faced with options.

I encourage you to question the motives behind your decisions. Are you being yourself or someone else?

Don’t be afraid of what other people think this week. Don’t worry about doing what others are doing. Question what you are told. Question the system and understand why you do what you do.

Be Yourself.


I appreciate you.


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