Reason for the Season

In case you missed it, Christmas is tomorrow! This time of year is full of happiness, joy, gifts, and lots of food! My family celebrated a few Christmases early and we spent a lot of time talking about Love Languages. If you haven’t taken the quiz, I encourage you to look into it. There are 5 Love Languages: Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, and Gifts. Everyone likes to be loved in a different way than another. By knowing someone else’s love language, you can better serve them and act to make them happy. It all revolves around doing something for others.

As typically stated, it is better to give than receive. During Christmas, that mentality becomes more prevalent as family members buy gifts for one another. It feels great to see an ecstatic expression on someone’s face when you give him or her the exact thing he or she wants. In a selfish way, it feels good to know that you did something for someone else. Don’t feel totally guilty about that.

God gave us His son. He took a part of Himself and gave Him to us to forgive our sins. That is why we celebrate. God did something amazing for us because He loves us. He gave us the biggest gift we could ever imagine. We celebrate Christmas as the birth of the most important person in human history. This day is all about doing something for others. Christmas celebrations aren’t too far off this meaning, if our hearts are in the right place. Christmas is all about doing something for someone else.

Have JOY this holiday season:




Put Jesus first, others second, and yourself third. Don’t focus on what you get this Christmas. Honor Jesus and focus on what you can do for others. Just like Love Languages, pay attention to what others need. Be a light to people around you.


Merry Christmas!

I appreciate you.


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