Good vs Evil

Every day we face battles. Every decision we make has an opportunity cost. In order to choose one side, we give up another. Some decisions are simple, such as what to eat for breakfast or which clothes to wear. Others aren’t so easy. Some days we are forced to choose between friends or between working late and being with family. Some decisions come down to good vs. evil.

Navigating which side to choose can be more difficult than it appears on the surface. In all movies, we see a clashing of good and evil. Infinity War faced The Avengers against Thanos. Star Wars has The Rebellion against The Empire. In 22 Jump Street, Jenko and Schmidt take on The Ghost and Mercedes. In these movies we grow attached the “good” guys and root for them to overthrow “evil.” It is easy to see which side is which. However, every “bad” guy sees their cause as something worth fighting for. They believe they are on the right side while an audience may think the opposite.

In our lives, we may not be able to tell which side of the battle we are fighting. It may be hard to determine if we are acting on behalf of the villain or hero. I don’t have all of the answers, but here are some suggestions to help you make tough decisions between good and evil:

  1. Determine your core principles.

We discussed change one night at leadership training this semester. A question was raised about where to find a balance between accepting a certain change and fighting for what you want. The answer revolved around standing firm to your core principles. If a change sacrifices your core principles, fight for what you want and believe. I believe that is a solid foundation for making tough decisions. Determine your core principles and values. Know what you stand for before you are tested. When you create guidelines for your actions you will be prepared for decisions that could cross lines.

  1. Ask for help.

You can’t take on life alone. You will not make every decision on your own. Most big decisions affect more than yourself. Consult others because they can offer insight into potential solutions you wouldn’t consider. Don’t worry about appearing tough or put together. Ask for help when you need it.

  1. Pray

Talk to the man who knows more about your life than you. You may not have a giant, flashing billboard showing you the exact choice to make. Often, God will nudge you with gut feelings or small hints to follow. You may not even get an answer right when you need it. God’s timing is better than yours. Pray for answers and guidance.


I appreciate you.


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