Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love

Think of someone you love. That is probably a family member, friend, or significant other. I’m guessing that you don’t want to see that person hurt. You would do anything to support and stand up for him or her. You would do anything to show your loved ones their worth, especially when they can’t see it themselves.

Worth is becoming twisted with the evolution of society. The world tells us that we need a thing or a person to be fulfilled. Advertisements promote products that will make us better looking or more popular. Movies show us that a magical person is waiting for us who will suddenly complete us and make us the person we always wanted to be. It all sounds great, until you realize how it is manipulating your mind. It makes us long for the next thing or person to make us that much better, only to let down our expectations.

When others talk down on themselves, you would probably stand up for them and encourage them. You would tell them they are beautiful if they believe they are ugly. You would tell them they are strong if they believe they are weak and smart if they believe they are dumb. How often do you stand up for yourself? We are quick to encourage those we care about, but we are hard on ourselves. Treat yourself like someone you love.

“You are the perfect person you are looking for.” Don’t rely on someone else to be the perfect person missing in your life. Your identity is not dependent on someone else. Don’t wait for the perfect boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse to come into your life to make your life magically better. You are the perfect person you have been waiting for.

We tell ourselves we aren’t good looking enough, smart enough, or funny enough. We don’t believe we are good enough. Instead of giving ourselves positive affirmation, we believe what we think in our minds. You are probably harder on yourself than anyone else. We are quick to point out how we are inadequate instead of highlighting the parts of ourselves we like.

Take time to believe what others tell you. You are greater than you give yourself credit.

You are enough.

You are the person you are looking for.

Treat yourself like someone you love.


I appreciate you.


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