Fortnite. A game that has taken the world by storm. There is a rush that goes through every gamer who finally receives his or her first win. To all the parents, girlfriends, and haters, there are valuable lessons learned through Fortnite that apply to everyday life.

Communication: Communication is key for any team or relationship. To keep any team on the same page you must communicate effectively. I don’t know if there is such thing as overcommunicating. Make sure everyone you are working with understands your objective and the path to reach your goal. “Where there is a void in communication, negativity will fill it.” Every Fortnite squad or duo must communicate to work together. You need to ask for help and discuss the plan of attack to take down opponents.

Teamwork: For any team to work, you must move as a cohesive unit. Your actions and decisions are all based on the betterment of the team. You must put we before me for your squad to earn the Victory Royale. If you have a Schwind running off to take on a team by himself, the team is put in jeopardy. If you put your coworkers or teammates above yourself, your team will operate better than if you are pursuing selfish desires. Stay focused on the bigger team picture.

Perseverance: When you are knocked down, keep fighting. When you lose, don’t overanalyze your defeat. Hop back in the game and try to win. Life will knock you down over and over again. Don’t let failure discourage you from trying. If you are like me in Fortnite, then you will have plenty of failures. It is more impressive to see someone who keeps trying when they only experience defeat than to see someone who is constantly winning. Don’t give up.

Planning/vision: Fortnite requires you to anticipate the future moves of others. You must build to protect yourself from potential attacks. You must position yourself to have an upper hand on our competition. Taking an elevated position allows you see the layout below. In life, you want to take an elevated position to understand your situation. See things from a different perspective because there are lessons you will miss if you are only looking from your point of view. Plan your moves and anticipate challenges. The more you anticipate and prepare for challenges, the better you will handle them.


Always remember to thank the bus driver!


I appreciate you.


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