A word that is so overused the meaning often gets overlooked, but also means something different to every person.

Hope gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Hope is the reason you make goals. Hope is the driving force behind your work ethic. Hope is an intangible asset that highly influences your behavior.

Hope is the desire beyond your immediate control. Hope is the feeling that other things must go right. It is reliance on the right pieces to fall in place.

As they say in Star Wars, “Rebellions are built on hope.”

If a group of Rebel Alliance fighters have hope in taking down The Empire, you can have hope in your life. I’m sure that you aren’t trying to overthrow our entire society, so how hard is it to hope in something great? How hard is it to hope that your classes will go well? How hard is it to hope that you will perform well in your sport? How hard is it to hope that God will take care of you?

The Rebellion had the biggest villain in the galaxy chasing after them with an army, lightsaber, and the force. You probably have villains in your life who feel like Darth Vader. You probably have challenges that feel like blowing up the Death Star. What is stopping you from believing they can be conquered. Why can’t you stand up to that person who is against you? Why can’t you accomplish that lofty goal? I believe in you.

Are you fostering hope?

Surround yourself with people who believe in you. When your best friends believe in your dreams, the more likely you will believe in them as well. Stay positive. The more positive you are, the greater level of hope. The more hope a person has the more willing he or she is to keep fighting. Choose optimism over pessimism. Choose to dream instead of doubt.

When hope is lost goals weaken and dreams vanish. Things may not go as you ultimately desire, but don’t let that take away your hope in other areas of your life.

Where do you need hope this week? Believe in something amazing. Hope for the best. Believe that God can do something great.

Life is built on hope. Goals are built on hope. Dreams are built on hope.


I appreciate you.


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