Credit Worthy

In business, lenders are constantly looking for new investment opportunities. Banks make money by offering loans and getting payment back. Before an investor or bank is willing to lend money, they must determine if the person/business is credit worthy. Is that person/business worth investing in? When I look at a company and determine whether it is worthy of a loan, I look at two things: past historical performance and future potential. Past performance can be easily calculated and compared to internal and external results, but future potential is based on markets and business operations. The past is easy to see, but the future is uncertain. All these factors combine to determine a company’s credit worthiness.

I don’t believe we are unlike businesses in need of outside funds. Individually, we need people to invest in us. We need people to give us the extra boost to grow to the next level. Just like extra capital helps businesses expand, extra advice and wisdom makes us better rounded humans. I believe that any mentor asks himself if investing in someone else is worth his time. She is essentially determining your credit worthiness. He or she evaluates your past performance and future potential.

Are you credit worthy?

Are other people willing to invest in you?

Do you show future potential?

Your performance will get you on someone’s radar. Being a standout athlete or incredible student can gain you “credit worthiness” from others, but if you don’t have any drive for the future you aren’t worth an investment. An investor doesn’t want constant performance, he or she wants growth. They want to see you reach new heights, achieve high goals, and do things you didn’t think were possible.

If you don’t have any strong, historical performance it will be harder to get your foot in the door. The more you set yourself apart now, the better position you will have later. Just because you may lack what seems like a great track record doesn’t mean you aren’t worth an investment. Show your willingness to grow, be eager to learn, and make today count. Future potential is key to any investment.

For those who are investing in others, foster their future. Help them achieve new goals. Help them push the limits and go beyond what they ever expected.


Are you credit worthy? What can you do to make yourself a better investment? Do you have a strong future potential?


I appreciate you.


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