Know Your Personal Brand

Every company has a mission statement that guides its business. Each company creates a brand that defines it. The mission and brand serve as guidelines for every decision and action. They guide how employees interact with each other as well as clients.

Since businesses have a defined brand, why don’t we? What if we each defined our personal brand that guides our choices and interactions? Decisions can be tough, and you will be put in places that test your integrity. Having a personal brand will give you a guiding purpose to lean on.

As a lot of you know, I went to Atlanta last week for an interview with SunTrust. SunTrust is huge on purpose and doing business the right way. SunTrust’s purpose is “Lighting the way to financial well-being.” Every decision they make supports that. Every business move and transaction is guided by that foundation.

In the interview process, they asked questions to try to determine what my purpose is. The interviewers tried to determine if my purpose and objectives align with their company. I was able to honestly tell them that my purpose is to help other people reach their full potential. That is my personal brand. That brand guides my career choice and tough decisions.

Do you know your personal brand?

Do you know your purpose?

A purpose or brand is bigger than a job or career. It is a lifestyle. A job says what you do while a brand says why you do it. A personal brand will make you stand out. A personal brand will make it easier for you to make tough decisions. A brand solidifies your values and motives into one statement.

Your brand could be:

Loving others like Jesus.

Giving my best in everything.

Always pushing my limits.

I encourage you to develop a personal brand.  Think about your purpose. Pray to God for guidance. You may already know, but it may take time to narrow down. It will give you a peace of mind and guidance when you are faced with tough decisions.


I appreciate you.


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