Steward of the Mystery 9-24-18 Lindsay Brent

Are you aware of the power you have over your life, circumstances, etc.?  Do you realize exactly whose you are?  Sadly enough, I don’t think many people in our generation can answer these questions with confidence.  I think that we are constantly being consumed by a world testing us to fight the will of the One who created us.  This is not at all what God intended.

Three years ago, upon entering college, I was not aware of the authority I have over my life.  Depressed by the situations of my past, I found myself a victim to the desires of the flesh and, ultimately, I was ashamed of who I was.  Doubt, fear, and shame consumed my innermost thoughts and I was at a loss of how to overcome.  After the first few months at Lipscomb a friend introduced me to a church that has radically changed the way I view myself in the eyes of the Lord, which in turn radically changed the way I live my life.  Pastors and mentors have poured into me in ways that I can only pray I continue to do in the lives of those that come behind me.

One of the major realizations that I needed to grasp in my life, is that as a child of the Most High King, I live in full victory, authority, and power over every situation in my life.  This crucial shift in mindset is what allowed the chains to break in my life and I hope it does the same in yours.  In John 14:12, Jesus implores us that we will do greater things on this Earth then He did, and that starts with recognizing the authority you have in your life to overcome the works and temptations of the enemy.

Another pivotal piece of grasping the weight of who and whose you are is realizing that you are a steward of the mystery of God.  In Matthew 25:14 Jesus tells His followers the parable of the talents.  In this short story, the servants go from a place of serving their master to partaking in the fullness that their master had desired for them.  It says in verse 14, “He called his own servants and entrusted his possessions to them.”  They were able to partake in all that the master had in store for them, all they had to do was steward what they were given.  And this is exactly what God wants to do in your life.  While God delights in the servanthood you bring Him, I believe that He wants us to walk in stewardship with His mystery.  There are a couple key differences between a servant and the steward that God is calling you to be.  The first is this: a servant focuses on the task at hand, where as steward focuses on the faithfulness.  A servant learns obedience through restriction, a steward learns obedience through release.  A servant chooses where to serve, a steward serves where there is a need.  A servant’s empowerment comes from man, whereas a steward’s entrustment is from God.  A servant seeks a reward, but a steward seeks out a necessary passion.  Lastly, a servant stays in familiarity, whereas a steward increases in capacity.

The fruitfulness that God has in store for you is the sign of your faithfulness.  God has so much more in store for you if you could just realize whose you are and the power you have over your life.  He wants us in relationship in which He is easily Master without our conscious knowledge of it, all we know is that we are to obey.


I appreciate you.

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