Benefit of the Doubt 8-20-18

While I was at church last night, God gave me a vision that had me thinking. I walked through a doorway into a weird, warping hallway. It made me feel as if I were walking into the future. At the end of the hallway I stepped into a grand living room with two chairs facing each other in front of a fireplace. As I moved closer, tv cameras perched around two men sitting in the chairs. I was being interviewed by Jesus. We just looked at each other for a while and I looked away for a split second. When I looked back at the person across from me, it wasn’t Jesus, but a regular reporter.

This vision showed me that Jesus is inside of everyone. You may see someone else as just a reporter, classmate, or coworker, but there is more to them than meets the eye. Jesus is living inside of every person, but we often only look at the surface.

Do you see the best in those around you? I know that I’m guilty of not giving others the benefit of the doubt.

Do you see that others think differently than you?

Do you see that others have different goals and aspirations than you?

We judge our own actions based on our best intentions, but we often judge the actions of others based on the end result. We don’t always consider the best intentions of others, but we are quick to consider our best intentions.

Give others the benefit of the doubt this week. See more than the surface with those around you. See Jesus working in their lives. Treat them like the person God intended them to be. That change in perspective may give you a new approach to interacting with others.

Maybe the next time someone is asking you questions you will see his/her heart and desire beyond the words that come out of his/her mouth.


I appreciate you.


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