Do the Work 7-23-18

Austin and I were talking about what this week’s message should be and he shared some experiences from camp this summer. Every day there are little jobs that make a difference in keeping a camp running. He knows that if he doesn’t do them, then no one will. Even if he has to delay a certain game, or leave his campers with someone else for a little bit, completing the little jobs make a difference in the overall experience for the children.

In life, we fall into the trap of thinking someone else will do the project we don’t want to do. We think someone else will clean the house because we don’t want to. We think someone else will finish the work project by the deadline. We think our spouse will pay the bills. As we all know, others don’t always come through, especially when they don’t know they are expected to do the work.

Don’t expect someone else to do the work. Take matters into your own hands. If everyone expects someone else to do the work then nothing will get done. When everyone assumes that the next person will help, no one helps. The more you save something for later, the less likely it is to get done. The trap of delay leads to a lack of productivity. The assumption that someone else will do the job leads to no performance.

Once you start, others will follow. When you take the time to make a place nicer, others will help. When you take the time to work on a project, classmates will pitch in.

When you look at a pile of dishes, are you going to clean them?

When you have a group project for class, are you going to put in your work?

Are you going to help organize shelves at your job?

Will you take 5 minutes now to save 30 minutes down the road?

In the story of the good Samaritan, one person took the initiative to help another. Others, who would be expected to show mercy, kept walking by. Be the one to lend a helping hand this week. Be the one who will do the work that others walk right past. It may go under the radar, but people will notice in the long run. You can’t expect recognition for every little task. True growth comes when others aren’t watching. Bosses, coaches, and peers will notice when you do the little things that others leave for later.

Do the work.

Don’t expect others to do it for you.


I appreciate you.


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