Change vs Transition 6-4-18

Nothing is going to stay the same in our lives. You will most likely work multiple jobs before you retire. You probably aren’t going to live in the same house until the day you die. I’d be impressed if you drive the same car for your whole life.

In general, we don’t like change. Change is scary. Change brings anxiety and uncertainty.

I once heard that the frustration we have with change is more of a frustration with transition. We hate the in-between. Change can bring new beginnings and unforeseen opportunities. Transition is the dirty, uncomfortable, grind in between the present reality and the uncertain future. We automatically think we don’t like change because we don’t like transition.

If you have a negative attitude towards change or transition, you will be disappointed. If you have a positive attitude towards the future, it doesn’t always guarantee success, but if you have a negative attitude towards the future, you will not be successful.

Jon Gordon says, “Those who believe in a brighter and better future are the ones who take action to create it.” I know you have a picture of what the future can look like. You have a picture of what change can bring. Believe in that image. Work for that image. Be willing to endure the transition necessary to reach that change. Without action, nothing happens.

If you can’t find a positive outlook for the future, then surround yourself with people who do. When you can’t be positive, surround yourself with people who are. You don’t have to do it all on your own.

I encourage you to look highly upon change because most likely you are just disliking the transition. For companies and teams, change is inevitable. Work locations will move, management will change, coaches will change. Change will happen whether it is desired or not.

“It’s hard to see the picture when you are in the midst of the frame.” -George Resch.

See the difference between transition and change. You may be in the middle of a temporary transition rather than a long-term change.


I appreciate you.


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