March Madness 3-5-18

Lipscomb is dancing for the first time in school history!!!!

Every year, mid-major programs get the chance to make it to the NCAA basketball tournament for the first time, but very few make it to the big dance. This year, it was Lipscomb’s turn to make history. People may look at this team and highlight the incredible players or coaching staff from this particular season. What people don’t commonly recognize is the work of teams before them that led to a tournament bid.

Programs are built over years and decades, but only a few seasons will be highlighted in the record books.

Coach Alexander tweeted after the game, “Thank you every former coach and former player that made this possible. This is for each one of you.”

There are many people before you who built up your team, company, or organization. You are not the sole reason for your current situation. You are not the sole reason for your company’s growth in net income. You are not the sole reason for your team’s conference championship. People helped you get where you are today. Previous employees created your company’s culture. Past teams worked to build the program to where it is today.

You pave the way for many people coming after you. The work that you put in today may not show up for 20 years. The culture you build today may not see massive success until you leave your company/team/organization.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient. Keep grinding. You may not see the success that you hope, but you can help people after you reach those goals. Your season is part of a bigger record book.

Maybe you are “dancing” right now. Acknowledge the people who helped you reach this point, but set your sights further. The best is yet to come. The future starts today. Pave an even greater path for those coming behind you.


Go crazy bisons fans!

I appreciate you.


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